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A land-locked mermaid no more...

I was born in a small town in Texas, unglamorously and unplanned, on a military base near Dallas.  Moving every few years to another small country town with new things to learn and new challenges to overcome.  Dreaming of someday living a life of everyday adventures by the sea...  



I am currently living and working in the San Diego area and parts of SoCal.  Moving here shortly after graduating from both UNLV and CSN was a dream come true. Don't all dreamers head west with a suitcase and a full heart?  I have degrees in both Biomechanics and Radiation Therapy but currently work in the Industry with Hard Rock and do freelance writing and modeling work.  My passions include travel, nature excursions, writing, and frequenting theme parks and comic conventions.  I am trained in classical dance, health sciences, public speaking, group fitness, and ceramic arts among other things.  Personal interests of mine include mermaid lore and fairy tales, preferably of the Disney variety!  My dream is to see the world and write about my adventures.  I love story telling and while as a preformer in my earlier years I realized telling my own story was my favorite sort of all.  Writing for me is a form of art and joy but I also seek to better the lives of others around me through informative, expressive, and positive composition. 

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.
— Amelia Earhart

other common questions

  • "Do you work?  What do you do?"  I always laugh when people think I don't have a real job because I work in a vacation spot and in a party atmosphere but I assure you it's work and yes it can be fun.  I work in events, bars, and bottle service. 
  • "Who takes your pictures?"  Currently most of my pictures are taken by my partner.  Unless otherwise noted.  I do have images from promo work (White Girl Rose, The Bachelor, Legit Babes, Sunburn Pool Lounge, UNLV, etc)  but these will be watermarked or credited.  
  • "Do you get paid or receive free items to endorse products or places?"  Sometimes yes I do but I will always be upfront and will never endorse or promote something that is unethical or misaligned to my values.  My work is centered around things I love, causes that are close to my heart, and my friends and families products and ventures.  I believe in having a circle of creative and strong people doing good.  
  • "Can we collaborate on...?"  I am absolutely open to collaborations on various projects.  I've done radio spots, voiceover work, taught classes, modeled for companies and projects, guested on podcasts, just to name a few!  Have a creative dream and need some help?  Just let me know in the "contact me" section.  If you have a charity or 'student project' I would especially love to hear from you.  I am very motivated to offer services free of charge to such charity/educational ventures!  I have created published university studies and papers and I understand most projects rely on teamwork and collaboration.
  • "Do you work for Disney?"  No.  I have many friends that do and have done events with Disney but I do not currently work for, nor do I receive compensation from them.  I just enjoy and endorse many of their products and services, whole heartedly. 
  • "How to you decide where to go/ how did you hear about so and so?"  This is my favorite question!  And here's my best kept secret...the local library!  Seriously.  We all see cool places on TV, social media, travel sites, and more, but before every trip, I research.  Planning can be the most fun and exciting part of a vacation or excursion.  I've spent many lovely evenings curled up with a Chai latte at the local coffee shop and my nose buried in books about Paris and Sedona.  Spur of the moment trips, work, family trips happen too, and many of my favorite spots were happy accidents,  but never underestimate the value of a little education before you escape.
  • "How do you afford to go to [insert various places here]?"  OK real talk.  I always joke that my paycheck always go straight to Disney or such and such but the fact is travel does cost money and I get that.  My partner and I travel sometimes for jobs, weddings, and other things where we don't always pick the destination, but most of our travels are places we dream about.  We save and use other methods I discuss throughout my blogs to make these dreams a reality.