Get Back...Corvette Diner Serves More Than Retro Vibes

Corvette Diner

They had me at Corvette, I'll admit.  We had a sleek silver one parked in the garage growing up and nothing brings me more excitement and nostalgia than seeing one of those beauties in classic form, old school candy colors, and oozing effortless style.  The Corvette Diner in Liberty Station packs flair alright, but the place is so much more than a homage to the beloved American vessel, it's a true blast-from-the-past experience.  

Walking into the Corvette Diner is  walking into a Rat Pack/Grease movie mashup, in the most transporting, wonderful way. Neon signs for Coca-Cola and craft cocktails with enticing names like 'The Twist' and 'The Kings Cadillac' adorn the walls and a smooth cat behind the DJ booth plays songs from Jackson 5, even taking the occasional request.  The place is really hopping, even on a weekday, mostly families and people celebrating.  The staff are dressed as sock hop girls and greaser guys weave between kids with balloons dancing to Doo-wop hits.  

As a date night, the vibe is a more energetic night of 'going steady' then candlelight dinner-but hey, isn't that exactly what we want in a milkshakes and burgers kinda joint?  I didn't indulge in the arcade but you better believe I ordered up an Elvis milkshake, complete with marshmallow and peanut butter.  What's even better, they give you the shake AND the metal tumbler they blend it in.  It's enough for two, and at 6 bucks, well that's almost old school prices.  

Cruise down, check out what all the buzz is about, and even dress up in Rockabilly style if that's your thing.  Tell them Miss Monroe sent ya.