San Diego's Best Beaches with Jord Watches

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If you had all the time in the world I would say comb the entire coast of California, drive up and down 5 Freeway and you won't be disappointed.  Each beach, rocky tidepool, mountain cliff, has something to offer.  San Diego has unique beaches, some of the most diverse and recreationally wonderful beaches belong to my city and we will do just about anything there in the sandy, salty paradise.  We sun worship, eat meals, workout, surf, do yoga, take naps in the soft sand, play volleyball, fish, boat, snuggle our dogs, EVERYTHING! 

The amazing people over at Jord luxury wood watches sponsored me to take their new Cora series rose gold and Koa wood watch for a test run around some of my favorite places and I decided to scope out some of my usual beach hangouts and bring them to you so you know which you can't miss when you come to "Sandy Eggo"!

I'm going to cut to the chase and get right to the best of the best, creme de la creme.  La Jolla.  It's lovingly known as the Jewel of California for good reason.  Most people know La Jolla for its cove, named also Children's Pool, that has great (if chilly) snorkeling, calm protected waters,  seals that come right up to the shore (and its visitors) and have babies here, it has caves that jut out into the water and are popular among kayakers.  My pro tip would be to take the staircase entryway that is south of the main cove, during low tide there is an amazing beach at the end of the staircase that can be reached by climbing down and over a few boulders.  It won't be crowded and it's the cleanest, most beautiful beach that has lovely moderate waves, however the coast here can be rocky beneath, so body-boarders beware.  The rolling, constant waves ARE temping but Mission Beach will be safer and softer.  I love our glimmering jewel of the Pacific and my Jord with its Swarovski jeweled face was perfect with my soft blush sweater on chilly February sunset here.  If you want to have the spectacular view of the sun glowing over the water before it disappears then your picture memories are going to be most impressive here.

As I mentioned above Mission Beach is a safe, long stretch of family friendly beach just north of Point Loma Area.  This beach is our Santa Monica.  Cute girls in crop tops and in-line skates,  surfers catching some laid back yet substantial waves, huge sprawling blanket and umbrella spreads with families picnicking, and sand castles galore.  It's unpretentious and busy, it has something for everyone.  There is a massive green park across the street and there are lifeguard stands everywhere here.  Basically if you've ever seen "Baywatch"  this place is it.  Plan on spending the whole day somewhere?  Go here, ride the roller coaster, grab a bite at Miss B Coconut Club, oil down and tan up.  THIS is San Diego.

If you want a true "island vibe" with a little bit of old school luxury there's one place you can't miss.  Coronado Island state beach.  Its heavenly and historic and you'll feel just like Marilyn Monroe in 'Some Like it Hot'.  It really is a glamorous beach.  The sand is white and the area is dotted with tiny dunes and sea grass blowing in the breeze.  If you want something romantic, come here.  Fine dining is nearby and the vibe is relaxed and refined.  This place is CLEAN, I suspect the famous Hotel Del Coronado has something to do with it.  Also the fact that anyone that lives on this pseudo island is paying nearly the highest home prices in the country probably helps its shinning upkeep.  My pro tip.  Park in the residential area next to the Del.  Visit the Hotel first, hit the beach, bring a nice "cover-up" option.  (Ladies think Hamptons Style long dress to go over swimsuit and nice sandals.  For men, linen pants and Tommy Bahama style tee is perfect) I'm not saying Coronado is strict on dress or snooty in the least.  Rather the places here are so beautiful you'll want something if you decided to stay here for dinner at one of the nicer restaurants. 

If you are visiting any of the beaches be sure to pack water, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, towels, change of clothes.  Rentals are really common at Mission Beach so no need for a chair or umbrella.  If you are flying in, you don't have to pack a large towel or blanket but consider buying one for the trip, the hotel ones aren't going to cut it, trust me.  Another tip, if you MUST bring your cellphone, put it in a ziplock or waterproof or don't bring it at all.  Take it from me.  I've gone through a few iPhones moving here, the water is damaging but the sand WILL get in the holes of electronics and ruin them.  That is my ABSOLUTE favorite thing about my new Jord Koa Wood watch.  It's water resistant if I'm hanging out on the beach and its laid back luxury that totally fits the vibe here in SoCal.  Its even a statement piece when I walk through the Halls at the Del.  Next, no matter which beach you go to, remember, the Pacific here has strong tides.  It makes a good surfing mecca, but it can make for a difficult swim for a novice or expert alike.  If Mission Beach is still too much for you or the little ones, consider Mission BAY.  Literally across the street,  the beaches aren't as grand but the surf is completely still and paddle boarding here can be a ton of fun.  

I'm so excited for you to explore and fall in love with these beaches like I have.  Remember to go off the beaten path and have your own style, there are so many other places to see, this is only a starting point!  If you have any questions feel free to email me!  I live here and would love to help you with planning your trip to San Diego.  Also if you would like to shop my amazing new rose gold and Koa watch featured in this post you can go to 

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